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 About Us

The Biological Sciences Library is one of the 14 branch libraries of the University of Queensland Library. It provides resources and services to support the teaching, learning and research needs of staff and students in the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Science, the Institute of Molecular Biosciences and the Queensland Brain Institute.

The Biological Sciences Library is located on four floors of the Biological Sciences Library Building (building 94) opposite the Michie Building on the southern end of the Great Court. The Library was formed over thirty years ago from an amalgamation of several smaller departmental library collections, including biological, health and veterinary sciences. The building was designed by architect Robin Gibson in the late 1970s and has been refurbished in several stages since that time. The recent refurbishment designed by Wilson Architects was completed at the end of 2006 at a cost of 13.5 million dollars.

The Biological Sciences Library collection provides teaching, learning and research materials in a wide variety of formats for on-site access, use and loan. The collection includes:

  • 92,700 books
  • 69,300 journal volumes
  • 1,000 current journal subscriptions
  • 550 videos / dvds

Links to electronic resources are provided via the Library's website. These include 46,101 eJournals, 365,633 eBooks, and 876 databases. Access to the global body of information is available through the internet. Assistance in the use of information resources focuses on the specific needs of its customers.

There are 209 public-access computers throughout the Biological Sciences Library. These provide access to:

  • Library website
  • Email
  • Internet
  • Networked printing and copying
  • Online course materials
  • Software - Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access
  • UQ network

The Biological Sciences Library supports the teaching and research of the following Faculties and Institutes:

 Contact Us

General Enquiries
Phone: +61 7 3346 4384

Loans Enquiries
Phone: +61 7 3346 4384

Document Delivery Enquiries
Phone: +61 7 3346 4391

Fax     +61 7 3346 4200

Building number
no.94, St Lucia campus

Postal address
Biological Sciences Library,
The University of Queensland,
St Lucia,
Qld 4072

Executive Manager, Engineering and Sciences Library Service
Heather Todd
Phone: 3346 4394

      Personal Assistant
Hollie Thomas
Phone: 3346 4398

Manager, Biological Sciences Library
Lucy Cartmel
Phone: 3346 4393

Loans Supervisor
Judy Anderson
Phone: 3346 4385

Liaison LibrariansArea(s) of responsibility
Sue Curlewis
   Phone: 3346 4386 
Institute for Molecular Bioscience  
School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences  
Wendy Furlan
   Phone: 3346 4383 
Human Movement Studies  
Greg George
   Phone: 334 64390 
Centre for Marine Studies  
Environmental Science  
School of Integrative Biology (Botany, Entomology, Zoology)  
Joy Schonrock
   Phone: 3346 4383 
Queensland Brain Institute  
School of Biomedical Sciences  
School of Veterinary Science  
Jo Spicer
   Phone: 3346 4395 
Centre for Nutrition & Food Sciences  
Integrative Systems - St Lucia  
Land, Crop & Food Sciences - St Lucia  
Fei Yu
   Phone: 334 64397 
MBBS Programme Year 1  
Occupational Therapy  
Speech Pathology  

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Location and Layout

The Biological Sciences Library is located in Building 94 on the St. Lucia campus.

The main entrance to the Library is from the roundabout at the end of Chancellor's Place. There is another entrance from DARWINS cafe on Level 1 of the Biological Sciences Library building.

Information on parking (including casual parking) is available from the University's Traffic and Parking section.

For an overview of transport possibilities, visit About UQ --> Transport.

The Biological Sciences Library Building

The Biological Sciences Library building is a four-floor building which houses DARWINS cafe, the Biological Sciences Refectory and the The Biological Sciences Library.

Level 1
On level 1 you will find the Welcome Desk, the High Use area including the print Reference Collection and the AutoLoan machines. Enquiries, laptop loans and interlibrary loan collections are made at the Welcome Desk. The High Use area contains course materials, requested items and items sent from other campuses and the warehouse, as well as a vending machine for stationery items. Course materials must be returned to the chute at the Welcome Desk. Book return chutes are located outside the library adjacent to the main entrance. Level 1 also has 3 AV booths, computers, a projection display area and Parenting Room.


Level 2
On level 2 you will find the AskIT desk for student computing help and the librarian consultation area. There are 3 Ezones and two open plan projection areas with plasma screens. Level 2 also has the Recently Received Book and Journal Display area and the map cabinet. The staff work area is located on this level.


Level 3
On this level you will find the book collection, a small thesis collection and the Queensland Ornithological Society collection. The complete UQ library thesis collection is in the Fryer Library. There are 4 smaller and 2 larger group study rooms with plasma screens which can be booked online for two hours.


Level 4
On level 4 you will find the journal collection. This is also the quiet study level were we try to keep noise levels down to a minimum, preferably zero. You will also find the postgraduate study room which has bookable lockers for postgraduate students and students with special needs.

All four levels of the Biological Sciences Library have computers that can to be used to access the library catalogue, databases and the internet including email, as well as Microsoft Office and EndNote. Data points for network access and powerpoints are available for connecting laptops. Wireless access is also available throughout the building. All library computers are connected to network printers.

There are printers and photocopiers on all levels with a colour printer on level 2. The automatic card dispensing machine, where copy cards can be purchased and value added to existing cards is on Level 1 in the High Use area.

Members of the public can access the library catalogue and some electronic library resources.

All levels have both formal and informal study areas and height adjustable desks for disabled users.

Toilets are located on all levels with a separate Parenting Room on level 1.

Opening Hours

Semester Opening Hours
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Monday: 7.30am - 12midnight ; Tuesday: 7.30am - 12midnight ; Wednesday: 7.30am - 12midnight ; Thursday: 7.30am - 12midnight ; Friday: 7.30am - 12midnight ; Saturday: Closed ; Sunday: 9am - 5pm
For recorded opening hours - telephone (07) 3365 6703.

These hours vary during the July vacation and the Summer semester period.
Current opening hours are available from the Library website.

Book returns

The book return chutes are located outside the main entrance to the Biological Sciences Library. Course Materials are returned to the return chute located at the Welcome Desk.

Computers and Email

The Biological Sciences Library provides over 200 computers for accessing the Library website including the catalogue, databases, and the internet including email. Microsoft Office and EndNote are available on all computers. 20 Laptop computers with wireless and network access are available for loan from the Welcome Desk. The wireless network covers a broad area on the St Lucia campus including all levels of the Biological Sciences Library. Data points for network access and powerpoints are available for connecting personal laptops.

Student computing help is available from the AskIT desk on level 2.

Members of the public have access to the Library catalogue and some electronic library resources.

Exhibitions and Displays

Display areas are available on Level 1 and beside the stairs on Level 2. Displays and exhibitions are used to promote Library and wider University activities. Please contact Library staff with any queries about displays.


Lockers for postgraduate students and students with special needs are available on level 4. Keys may be borrowed from the Loans Desk and can be kept overnight but they must be returned by 9.00am the next morning. There is no need to make a booking.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms are available for students on Level 3. Bookings may be made for these rooms up to one week in advance, using the Facilities Booking System.

Each room has access to a 40inch LCD screen with inputs to display your laptop, great for group work or watching movies with friends. There are also whiteboards, markers, air conditioning, large desks to facilitate group discussion and glass walls so your enemies can't sneek up on you. Rooms 5 and 6 have a glass whiteboard from floor to ceiling which is a lot of fun to draw all over.

The Bookings page is released daily at 4pm. To facilitate equitable sharing of the rooms students may use the Group Study Rooms for a total of two sessions per week. One session is up to two hours. Group Room keys must be collected within 15 minutes of booking time, or the booking will lapse. Bookings may be made by entering your UQ username and password in the relevant day, room and time on the booking sheet. Students may alter their bookings themselves if necessary.

Data Projectors

Data projectors are available for loan for a period of 2 hours. They must be booked using the Facilities Booking System. They may be taken out of the library but must be returned to the Biological Sciences Library.

Study Areas

There are individual and group study areas available on all levels of the Biological Sciences Library including AV spaces on Levels 1 and 2.

There is a postgraduate study area on level 4.

Mobile Phones

Please put your mobile phone on silent mode when using the library. If you need to use your phone, you can do so in the "Phone Friendly Zones". These zones are located in the photocopy areas.

General Collections

The strengths of the Biological Sciences Library are in agriculture, anatomy, biochemistry, botany, entomology, environmental science, food technology, human movement studies, marine science, medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, parasitology, pharmacology, physiology, pharmacy, soil sciences, speech pathology and audiology, veterinary science and zoology.

For further information, see the Biological Sciences Library's Collection Development Policy.

Or select a Collection development Policy by subject area:

Specialised Collections

Queensland Ornithological Society

The Biological Sciences Library houses the Queensland Ornithological Society collection. The collection is located on Level 3.

Suggest a Purchase

University of Queensland staff and students may suggest items to be added to the Library's collection.

Schools and Centres (staff and postgraduates) may also contact their Liaison Librarian, to make a suggestion for purchase.

What's New

New print material is displayed in the Recently Received Book and Journal Display area on Level 2 of the Biological Sciences Library.

A list of new material is available on the Library website. For information on the latest issue of a journal, search the Library Catalogue.

Disability Support

The Biological Sciences Library (building 94) is fully wheelchair accessible. The closest labelled disabled parking is in Slip Road adjacent to the Seddon Buildings (building 82). Additional disabled parking is located at the left hand end of Slip Road adjacent to the Hartley Teakle Building (building 83).

All levels of the library are served by a lift which is accessible by users of wheelchairs.

Height adjustable desks for disabled users are available on all levels, including the Ezones.

Toilets for disabled users are available on all levels.

Library staff will always be ready to provide any additional assistance.

More information can be found at Support for Users with Disabilities.

Loan Enquiries and Pickups

Enquiries about loans and problems with library records can be made at the Welcome Desk. Requested items and items sent from the other campuses and the warehouse are held in the High Use area on Level 1.

Lost Property

Lost property is held at the Welcome Desk on Level 1 for one week and then sent to Security.

Printing and Copying

The Biological Sciences Library provides copying facilities and network printing on all Levels. Colour printing is available on Level 2

All copying is subject to copyright restrictions.

There is an automatic card dispensing machine on Level 1 where copy cards can be purchased and value added to existing cards.


Television programs useful for teaching, learning and research are copied and placed into the Library's collection. The Library also works closely with the Central Video Replay Service (CVRS).

Visit the Multimedia Service for more information.

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