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�About Us

The UQ Ipswich Library is one of the 14 branch libraries of the University of Queensland Library. It provides resources and services to support the teaching, learning and research needs of staff and students in the Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Business, Economics and Law; Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The UQ Ipswich Library is located in Building 8. Entry to the Library is from Level 2.

The UQ Ipswich campus originally housed the Sandy Gallop Asylum, which opened in 1878. By 1968, the hospital, known as the Challinor Centre - was a diverse facility accommodating 600 people. When the State Government advised in 1998 that the Challinor Centre would close, the University of Queensland announced plans to develop a campus on the site.

The Library was initially located in the renovated dining hall and kitchen wing of Building One, previously known as Ellen and Francis Houses.

The new building, designed by Hamilton Wilson of Wilson Architects, opened in 2003 � bringing together under one roof the Library, AskI.T., Student Centre, Student Support Services, Cafe 8, Student Union, Health Services, the Office of the Executive Officer, Ipswich, and the Office of the ProVice-Chancellor � in a setting which includes a garden, spaces for multiple learning styles and access to information technologies. The building has won many awards, including the 2003 ALIA Excellence Award for Building Design and Service Delivery, and the 2004 Australian Timber Design Award.

A photo gallery of the library can be found here.

The collection provides teaching, learning and research materials in a variety of formats for onsite access, use and loan. The collection includes:

  • over 50,000 books
  • over 2,000 journal volumes
  • 140 current journal subscriptions
  • over 3,000 videos/DVDs

Links to electronic resources are provided via the Library's website. These include 16,000 eJournals, 145,000 eBooks, and over 450 databases. Access to a global body of information is available through the internet.

Assistance in the use of information resources focuses on the specific needs of its clients.

There are 180 public-access computers throughout the Ipswich Library.These provide access to:

  • Library website
  • Email
  • Internet
  • Networked printing and copying
  • Online course materials
  • Software � Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access
  • UQ network

 Contact Us

General Enquiries
Phone: +61 7 3381 1281

Loans Enquiries
Phone: +61 7 3381 1281

Document Delivery
Phone: +61 7 3381 1222

Fax   +61 7 3381 1283

Building number
no. 8, level 2, Ipswich campus

Postal address
UQ Ipswich Library,
University of Queensland,
Ipswich Campus,
11 Salisbury Rd,
Ipswich Qld 4305

Margaret Schindler Margaret Schindler
Phone: 3381 1299

Liaison LibrariansArea(s) of responsibility
Michael FaggMichael Fagg
   Phone: 3381 1297
Health Sciences  
Midwifery - Ipswich  
Nursing - Ipswich  
Miranda NewellMiranda Newell
   Phone: 3381 1292
Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support  
Human Services  
Marcos RibaMarcos Riba
   Phone: 3381 1435
Arts - Ipswich  
Education - Ipswich  
MBBS 1 (Ipswich)  
Margaret Sloan-McDonaldMargaret Sloan-McDonald
   Phone: 3381 1383
Business - Ipswich  

AskIT Customer Support Officer
Gary SmithGary Smith
   Phone: 3365 8811

Location and Layout

The Library is located in Building 8.

The entrance to the Library is from Level 2.

Information on parking (including casual parking) is available from the University's Traffic and Parking section.

For an overview of transport possibilities, visit UQ Ipswich --> Location and Transport.

UQ Ipswich Library

Level 2:

This is the main entrance to the Library. Level 2 houses books, journals and the High Use collection as well as the return chutes � one internal and one external. The Information and Loans desks are also situated on this level and 3 eZones are available for staff and student use. The following service areas are also located on Level 2:

  • AskIT
  • Student Centre
  • Student Support Services

Other facilities include.

  • computers for accessing the Library website (including the catalogue, databases, the internet), word processing, and email facilities
  • laptop ports to access the network.

Quiet individual study spaces, areas for group work and viewing facilities for DVD/video are also situated on this level.

Level 3:

Computers on Level 3 also provide access to the Library website (including the catalogue, databases, the internet), word processing, and email facilities.

There are 3 group study rooms, 2 individual study rooms, a Multimedia Production Facility and a Seminar Room. The Graduate Study area is also situated here.

The Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor, Ipswich is located on this level directly above the Student Centre.

Opening Hours

Semester Opening Hours
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Monday: 8am - 8pm ; Tuesday: 8am - 8pm ; Wednesday: 8am - 8pm ; Thursday: 8am - 8pm ; Friday: 8am - 5pm ; Saturday: 10am - 2pm ; Sunday: 10am - 2pm
For recorded opening hours - telephone (07) 3365 6703.

These hours vary during the July vacation and the Summer semester period.
Current opening hours are available from the Library website.

Book returns

Inside the Library

Books and other materials can be returned through the chutes inside Building 8 on Level 2, next to the Student Centre desk.

After Hours

There is an after hours return chute at the entrance to Building 8 which is accessible when the building is closed.

Computers and Email

There are over 180 computers available throughout the building providing access to the Library website including the catalogue, databases, email, and the internet. Word processing and other software are also available. Laptop ports for network access are also available on Level 2 in the bench beside the garden.

There are 15 laptops available for borrowing with wireless and network access inside Building 8 and wireless access to the network on other parts of the campus.

Exhibitions and Displays

A display area is located on Level 2, adjacent to Cafe 8. Displays and exhibitions here, promote Library and wider activities. Please contact Margaret Schindler, Manager, UQ Ipswich Library.

Graduate Study Area

Lockable desks are available for postgraduate students on Level 3 in the Graduate Study Area. These are available on a casual basis for 7 day loans and keys can be borrowed at the Loans Desk on Level 2.

Study Areas

Study areas are available on Levels 2 and 3. These include:

  • flexible group study areas in and around the garden area on Level 2
  • carrels for quiet individual study on Level 2
  • individual study rooms on level 3
  • group study rooms on Level 3

Bookings for level 3 study rooms can be made online, by phone or in person at the Loans Desk on Level 2. Bookings are for 2 hours and can be made up to 7 days in advance. Keys must be collected within 15 minutes of the booking time, or the booking will lapse. Use your UQ username and password to make your booking in the relevant room on the day and time required. Students may alter their bookings themselves if necessary.

General Collections

Over 50,000 books, almost 2,000 journal volumes, and 140 current journal subscriptions are held in the Ipswich Library. It also houses over 3,000 DVD/videos.

The strengths of the UQ Ipswich Library are in business, education, electronic commerce, hospitality, tourism, leisure, event management, medicine, nursing, midwifery, health sciences, media, postmodernism, gender issues, human services, public relations and communication.

For further information, see the Ipswich Library's Collection Development Policy.

Specialised Collections

Australian Statistics

The Library receives some publications issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Many are listed individually in the Library catalogue. Most items are available electronically, via the AusStats database. This service is available to staff and students of The University of Queensland.

Video Collection

There are over 3,000 DVDs and videos in the collection. The collection covers a wide subject range - including documentaries, training films and feature films. Programs recorded off-air from television are also included in the collection. Some of the collection is held in the High Use area. There are also some titles available on the general collection shelves for loan outside the Library.

Suggest a Purchase

University of Queensland staff and students may suggest items to be added to the Library's collection.

Schools and Centres may also contact their Liaison Librarian, to make a suggestion for purchase.

What's New

New print material is displayed in the Recently received Books and Journals area on Level 2 of the Ipswich Library.

A list of new material is available on the Library website. For information on the latest issue of a journal, search the Library Catalogue.

Disability Support

The UQ Ipswich Library is wheelchair accessible via the main entrance and all levels of the building are served by lifts.

There is a computer for clients with disabilities located in Room 6 on Level 3. Bookings can be made at the Loans Desk.

More information can be found at Support for Users with Disabilities.

Loan Enquiries and Pickups

Items can be borrowed from the Loans Desk on Level 2. Requested items and keys for group and individual rooms can also be collected here.

Lost Property

Lost property is held for one week at the Loans Desk on Level 2 and then is given to Security.


The Multimedia Production Facility located on Level 3 has the following equipment for staff and student use:

  • Stereo system, including twin cassette, CD, radio, karaoke, recording function and microphone
  • Computer with CD burner

Bookings can be made by phone or at the Loans Desk on Level 2. Bookings are for 2 hours.

Information on booking videos for screening in lectures, other multimedia services and contact details is available at the Library Multimedia Services page.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

Photocopiers are available at the rear of Level 2 and in High Use. Network printing is available on Levels 2 and 3.

Overhead transparencies for use in Library photocopiers are available from the AskIT desk.

All copying and printing requires the use of a Unicard photocopy card or a student ID card. The Unicard machine on Level 2 allows users to purchase a new card from the machine and add credit to existing cards. See AskI.T.'s Printing at Ipswich for further details

All copying is subject to copyright restrictions.

The automatic card dispensing machine is on Level 2 where copy cards can be purchased and value added to existing cards.

Scanners and also available in the printing area on Level 2 and Level 3.

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